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Vintage Telephones For Sale

Welcome to the largest selection of original  Ericofons and vintage telephones, on-line or off. You will not find any fakes, reproductions, look-alike, or any other kind of knock off here.
When restoring these telephones, I only do what would have been correct from the factory. I don't use any aftermarket or reproduction parts other than replacing bad cords and/or gaskets when necessary. All phones are 100% original as they would have come out of the factory.
Just select the catalog pages on the left to get started.

  • All phones for sale are refurbished and in "like new" condition (unless otherwise noted).

  • All phones for sale are ready to plug in and use.

  • When you see this icon: Click this icon to hear a phone ring Click on it to hear the phone you are looking at ring.

  • If you wish to pay by check, please e-mail me  so we can make necessary arrangements.

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