Information For International Buyers

I welcome international sales. In fact, a great portion of the phones I ship leave the USA. The Ericofon is probably the most internationally used telephone.

Shipping Costs And Methods

To give you an example of shipping costs. Shipping an Ericofon outside of the USA varies. When you get into heavier phones, you will be looking at more money for shipping. Most old American phones have a shipping weight of 6 to 9 pounds. You can go to to see what the approximate cost will be.

When I ship a phone out of the USA, I send it via the US post office. You will get a tracking number on packages weighing more than 13 ounces (370 grams). You can track this number at Once it leaves the USA, you will need to use your country's postal or customs service to track the package. The last tracking scan you will see from the USPS is when it leaves the country, typically through Chicago, IL. If you do not receive a tracking number from the USPS, contact me and I will give the number to you.

Shipping to Europe generally takes about 6 to 8 days, depending on the season. Shipping to the Austral-Asian areas is about 9 to 11 days.

Payment Methods

There are several options for payment, I will list them in order of popularity.

  1. Payment via American currency. I know they always say "Don't send cash in the mail", but you would be surprised at just how much of this goes on. I have been doing this for two years and have not lost any money yet (knock on wood!). But don't take this as a guarantee from me, things do get lost in the mail.

  2. International money order. This is probably the safest method. I need to have the money order made out in US$.

  3. Payment via Paypal. This is a very handy service to be on. If you pay with Paypal, your phone goes right out. I can send you a Paypal money request and that will help you get signed up. Just remember though, for most new international members, it takes three or four days to finalize your membership.

  4. Bank Transfer. This is very expensive, and even costs me US$20 to receive the money. If you want to pay via bank transfer, contact me for my bank information, but also be prepared to add US$20 to the cost of your phone.


I'm asked nearly every time, "Can I use this phone where I live?". The answer is yes. All phone systems are interchangeable as far as phones are concerned. I have found that the North American "RJ11" modular plug is very common and easy to get an adapter for. I do carry a couple of adapters for some regions, but not many.

The best advice I have for you is to find an adapter where you live. Just go to any electronics store and tell them you want to use a phone from North America with an RJ11 plug on it. They will know what you need, and they are generally inexpensive.