These are original used ringers. All are tested and guaranteed working.

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Western Electric B1 & B3

Part #RG-B1
B1 Ringer with 2 wires

Part #RG-B3
B3 Ringer with 4 wires

Metal Frame C4 2 or 4 wire

Part #RG-C44
C4  4-wire Ringer

Part #RG-C42
C4  2-wire Ringer

Plastic frame C4 2 wire


Part #RG-C4P

Western Electric M1 Ringer
Used on early Princess phones and others


Part #RG-M1

Western Electric P1 Ringer
Used on later Princess phones and others


Part #RG-P1

D1- Used in Northern Telecom phones.


Part #RG-D1

New Style Automatic Electric


Part #RG-AEN

Early Kellogg SL Ringer


Part #RG-KE