Western Electric Princess Transformers and Parts

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Reproduction Base Pads

These are a high quality die stamped exact reproduction of the 702 and 2702 Princess base pad. Made of a durable rubber & cork combination the same as Western Electric used. These will also work on a 701. These are self stick with a peel off backing. the adhesive is high quality and sticks tight.
To replace your base pad, just heat up the old one and scrape it off, it's very easy to do. A heat gun or blow drier will work.

Quantity: Shipped within the USA

$4.50 +  $4.80 Shipping


$8 (4.80 each) +  $5.20 Shipping


$17.50 ($3.50 each) +  $6.20 Shipping


Transformer kit

Transformer kits include Panasonic transformer, line cord, and a specially modified adapter plug.

  Shipped within the USA

$24.95 +  $5.95 Shipping



Click here to see the transformer kit instructions




  Shipped within the USA
Panasonic, with cord and modular plug

$8.95 +  $4.95 Shipping

Western Electric 2012A or 2012C

$14.95 +  $6.95 Shipping


M1 Ringer

Used in early model 702 and 2702 Princess phones.

  Shipped within the USA

$9.95 +  $7.95 Shipping

P1 Ringer

Used in later model 702 and 2702 Princess phones.

  Shipped within the USA

$7.95 +  $7.95 Shipping


E1 Ringer

These are external ringers used with the 701 Princess phone



  Shipped within the USA
Hard wired (Non-mod)

$15.95 +  $7.95 Shipping



$15.95 +  $7.95 Shipping



Screw in              Push in


  Shipped within the USA
  Bulb Alone With other Purchase
Push in
Bulb only

$2.00 +  $4.80 Shipping


Screw in
Bulb only


$2.00 +  $4.80 Shipping




Modular Sockets

Handset              Line Cord

These are very easy to replace. The wires are color coded so all you need to do is loosen the screw terminals and switch the old for the new.

  Shipped within the USA
Handset Socket

$4.00 +  $4.80 Shipping

Line Cord Socket

$4.00 +  $4.80 Shipping

Both Sockets.

$7.00 + $4.80 Shipping


Princess phone transformer light background

The Princess telephone and some Trimline telephones made by Western Electric use a transformer to light up the dial. In the old days, the telephone installer would simply plug the transformer into an outlet in an out of the way place, like a laundry room, and then wire the transformer to the yellow and black wires of the home telephone wiring.

Today, it's not recommended you do this because frequently those previously unused lines are now in use by various things, such as security systems, second phone lines, DSL computer connections, etc.

In this case, you're better off to wire just the phone you are using to the transformer only, this keeps the transformer isolated from the rest of the phone system. The Princess phone uses the green and red wires of a phone line for regular use, and it uses the yellow and black for powering the light bulb. If you're handy with a wire stripper, you can do this yourself and just buy the transformer. If you're not quite sure how to do this, or simply don't want to take the time, I've developed a home made "kit" that allows you to just plug in your phone and go.