Western Electric 354

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Designed by Henry Dreyfus and put into service in 1937, the Western Electric 354 is the wall version of the popular 302 or "Lucy Phone".

This phone is commonly misrepresented as Bakelite, but in fact Western Electric never made any phones using Bakelite (other than for the handsets). They didn't think it was tough enough for long service life. The body of this phone is thermal plastic.

The phone originally came with a straight handset cord, but later models used the curl cord. I can do either way for you at your request (if no request is made, I'll pick one that's nice).

The original way to mount this phone to the wall was to directly attach it to the wall and run wires to it. I've modernized the phone by attaching an adapter plate to the back that allows it to be placed directly onto any modern wall phone jack.

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