Kellogg 925 "Ashtray" Phone

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This Bakelite phone made by Kellogg is commonly nicknamed by collectors as the "Ashtray" phone because of the distinctive depressions on either side of the phone. Actually, these were meant as a place to set the handset when leaving it off the cradle. Why they needed this special spot as opposed to setting the handset on the table is beyond me. This phone has the correct early "bulbous" handset and Kellogg 11A dial. There are no chips or cracks in the highly polished Bakelite, which is extremely rare for this phone since it's about the most fragile phone ever made.
I've replaced the worn out cloth cords with new reproduction cloth cords. There is a modular plug on the end and it's ready to plug in and talk or just display.
Kellogg 925  "Ashtray" Phone
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