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Adding an Ericotone "tweeter" ringer to your American K7 or K14 Ericofon

addtone1.jpg (18678 bytes) The Ericotone ringer is a circuit board, mounting bracket, and choke coil in one unit. The mounting bracket is different than that used on the K2 and K4 chassis, and are not interchangeable. The mounting instructions are the same, but I myself have no K4 mounting brackets.

As you can see, this is going to be much more involved than adding a buzzer. You're going to have to do three solder joints on this.

addtone2.jpg (52503 bytes) First thing to do is remove the condenser mounting plate (pictured at left) and swing the condenser out of the way for now. There is no need to disconnect the condenser.
addtone3.jpg (59705 bytes) Mount the Ericotone unit on the chassis. The only screw holding it on is the front bearing plate screw. You will also need to slide the condenser into place and tighten down the clamping screw that holds it in place.


addtone4.jpg (62091 bytes) The three circled wires in this picture indicate the red, white, and blue wires that get soldered into place. It's easy to spot where they go, they match up with existing wires already there that are the same color.

Be very careful soldering, it's very small work, and easy to mess up with a hot soldering iron. Check carefully when finished to make sure you don't have any cold solder joints or short circuits.



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