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Adding a buzzer to your American K2 or K4 Ericofon

buzz1.jpg (11860 bytes)buzz2.jpg (9852 bytes) The buzzer I use is shown on the left. It's the closest thing I have found to sounding like an original Ericsson buzzer. When purchased, it has some sort of neon tube attachment. I remove this for use in the Ericofon.
The picture on the left is as purchased
The picture on the right is after modification
addk41.jpg (48751 bytes) Here you can see the hook on the buzzer attached under an existing mounting screw on the bearing plate.

Make sure no components or wires are touching the case of the buzzer causing a short circuit. There's not a lot of space in here.

addk42.jpg (59304 bytes) I used yellow wires on the buzzer to make them more visible in this picture. I also removed the line cord to lessen the clutter.
In the picture, I've circled where to hook up the buzzer leads.




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