The leather Ericofons were done in brown, green, and red (that I know of).
All that I have seen have come out of Denmark and are made from converted Telia (Swedish phone company) Ericofons. The Swedish numbered dials (0 through 9) were covered over by a black sticker with the more familiar phone numbering scheme (1 through 0).
I have heard more than once that these were presentation pieces for Swedish phone company personnel. But, I'm skeptical of this because if it were true, why would they convert the dial face away from a Swedish numbering? And why are they all turning up in Denmark with Danish cords?
I suspect these are more likely a project phone done by a company in Denmark for some sort of promotion or presentation or special sale. There is also the possibility that it's just coincidence that the 4 or 5 I've seen all came out of Denmark. But, that's some pretty steep odds in my opinion.