Installing your Automatic Electric Model 183 Wall Phone

This phone was made prior to the development of the modern wall jack. In the days when this phone was installed, they mounted the phone to the wall directly over the hole where the phone wires come out and then wired the phone directly to the house wiring. This is referred to as ďhard wiredĒ (as opposed to modular).

You have two options to mounting your phone. You can secure it to the wall anywhere and run the line cord included to the nearest jack, or you can mount the phone directly over an existing wall jack. Iím including instructions for both, but first instructions on opening up your phone.

Removing the cover
You will find two screws on the bottom of the cover. Remove these and the cover will slide off.

Mounting the phone
Inside you will see holes in various places for securing the phone to the wall. I recommend using at least three points. How you secure it to the wall depends on the wall material you are going into. I recommend toggle bolts on drywall for best holding power. If youíre not sure what to use, ask at any home store for a fastener that will hold 2 to 3 pounds to the wall securely.

To mount the phone over an existing wall jack, follow these instructions

  1. Remove the wall jack from the wall and disconnect the wires from it (you canít get shocked, itís all low voltage). Wrap the yellow and black wires back out of the way, you will not need them. You will only be using the red and green.
  2. If you have two wires coming from the back of the phone, you can attach your house wires to these. If there is a line cord, then remove the line cord, making note of which screws the wires were attached to. Color matching doesnít matter so long as you use the correct two screws.
  3. Mount the phone to the wall threading the wires through the hole in the back of the phone. Attach the red and green wires to the terminals.
  4. Put the shell back on the phone and give it a try.

Adjusting the dial head and handset cradle
The dial head can be moved to an infinite number of positions and angles. The handset cradle can be either on the left side, right side, or centered. Both adjustments are accomplished with the turn of one screw. This is a phillips head screw in the center of the phone, under the dial head. Be sure to just loosen it up enough to move parts around. If the screw disengages the dial head, itís a bugger to get back in again, though not impossible. After moving the dial head and cradle to the desired positions, retighten the screw. Donít over tighten it, you donít want to crack any plastic parts.